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Video: Bon Iver’s Wolves (Act I & II) from La Blogotheque

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Links for 4.8.08: Minneapolis music reviews, Guitarati music discovery, Big Boi ballet…

*Local: The A.V. Club reviews two locals (and two good ones):
Tapes ‘n Tapes: “Tapes gets a best-of-both-worlds sophomore album, keeping everything that won people over while slightly tampering with the sonics, avoiding charges of stale repetition.”
Cloud Cult: “Ghosts—self-released on Minowa’s environmentally conscious label—finds the Minnesota band more vibrant and creative than ever.”

*Videogum: The all caps headlines seem desperate. Which is depressing.

*The New York Times likes OutKast’s Big Boi @ Atlanta’s hip-hop ballet. [rap up]

*Mashability: Soundsnap provides musicians with royalty-free samples, loops and the like. (I played with this before. It was sort of fun.) [mashable]

*Geekery: Sing into a mic, and MySong will create music for you. [ars technica]

*Guitarati: Music discovery through color. (The site is now in public beta.) [listening post]

Video: A guy getting a Tay Zonday tattoo