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Links for 4.11.08: Beards, hairlines, booze and music

*The listenerd is going away for a few days. Please try to amuse yourselves.

*Next to the Beard Font, this is the best thing I’ve seen all day: Black Flag hair timeline. (I’ve been trying to put together a hairline timeline for myself for years. Ugly business.) [daily swarm]

*More listening experience video from Kanye West’s Graduation. “Flashing Lights” meets Wong Kar-Wai. [the playlist]

*Ze Frank is holding a Nerd Rap Battle. [laughing squid]

*Pitchfork hates local boys Tapes ‘n Tapes! [5.9]

*How can this only cost $16? [triumph of bullshit]

*Are bloggers really like rappers?

*My forever favorite font: Beard font. [buzzfeed]

Video: MIA tapes ugly arrest scene outside her apartment

From MIA’s YouTube channel, apparently shot from her apartment.

[brooklyn vegan]

Video: George Takei singing “On the Road Again”

I feel like soon I will be terrified of everything.