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Video: A phonograph spinning in a most soothing manner

Seriously, I love this shit.

(Apparently, the Double Eagle March on a 1906 Columbia phonograph.)

INFOGRAPHICS: R.E.M.’s recommended method of depression management

funny graphs
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From GraphJam, a site which I blogged previously, and basically rules.

Play with this: Gracenote’s Music Maps

Gracenote offers up a flash tool, this Music Map, which allows users to zoom in on geographic regions and examine the locals’ musical tastes.

Where I’m at: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson, U2, Metallica. (Despite what the data may here show, I am in Minnesota [2008], NOT the bedroom of my 15-year-old self [well, sans Jack Johnson].)

Compare to top artists for Kazakhstan: Linkin Park, Enigma, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

Video: Mario theme played on bottles with a remote control car

I had to read that post title a few times myself. But after watching – wow!


Video: Barack Obama’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” moment

[viral video chart]

Links for 4.19.08: CBGB’s fate, Kanye’s lust, graffiti’s taxonomy…

*Hypebot on record labels (like Universal) buying (traditionally) editorial web channels (like Stereogum). More interesting when considering this as a backdrop.

*For the thin slice of the venn diagram who love both graffiti and taxonomy (I am among them): Graffiti Taxonomy. [neatorama]

*What has replaced CBGB is a John Varvatos boutique.

*Videogames: Cello Challenge. [kotaku]

*Kanye West says that prolonged breastfeeding as a child has fueled his love for big-breasted women. The next Freud? [parent dish]

*Mash Muxtape with Coverflow. [spin city]

*From Music Thing: 25 Ways to Kill a Piano. With fantastic YouTube support.

*SEE: Shepard Fairey political poster parodies. [eyeteeth]