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Video: Stipe and Springsteen on stage together [2004]

Footage from the 2004 film “National Anthem.”

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

[golden fiddle]

Video: NIN’s animated “Discipline” video

I knew these guys were net-savvy, but who knew they were into Habbo Hotel?

[laughing squid]

Video: Prince performing at Coachella

This video really makes you feel like you’re at Coachella. Without your contact lenses.

[brooklyn vegan]

Links for 4.27.08: Urban mining, Prince’s mustache, the RIAA’s conspiracy?

*BusinessWeek covers one woman’s fight against the RIAA. She’s being sued for music piracy, but is going after the RIAA for conspiracy. [mediaeater]

*JadedInsider on Prince’s Coachella performance yesterday: “Solid performances from Portishead, Death Cab For Cutie, and MGMT kept the faith, all of which were dwarfed by the phenomenon that is Prince. His instrumental prowess, songwriting depth, and immaculately well groomed hair and mustache were on full display in abundance before the tens of thousands of listeners assembled at the Main Stage.”

*In filesharing news: Limewire falling, uTorrent rising.

*Rihanna has a new video, for “Take a Bow.” If you hadn’t heard, Rihanna is the listenerd’s new Fergie.

*New York Noise TV: Expect a lot of day glow. [mediation]

*It’s fascinating to watch the code around the word “urban” shift. Urban ____ing. Today: Urban mining.

*Photography that pixelizes real-life graffiti. [kanye’s blog]

Video: SlashBot is a Guitar Hero playing robot

[uber review]