Links for 4.29.08: MOG’s money, Bowie’s kids, Hendrix’s trio…

by Josh Kimball

*MOG takes money from Universal Music Group and Sony BMG. Labels, labels, everywhere.

*David Bowie doesn’t like his daughter listening to the rock music. Especially Hilary Duff.

*Sony BMG isn’t suing Project Playlist! News at 11.

*You probably heard about the Jimi Hendrix sex tape. Here is a link. Not to the video, the NYT article. Sorry.

*Vinyl sales up 46% last year. But how closely have they been tracking garage sale sales?

*NIN to offer personalized concert tickets to evade scalpers? [getty images]

*The Black Eyed Peas to play in China? Despite a boycott? Count me in. [daily swarm]