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Month: May, 2008

Video: Jacques Brel sings “Ne Me Quitte Pas”

Also known as “If You Go Away.”

Suits fit differently in those days.


Video: Stunning accordion rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee”

In honor of Pete Wentz.

Links for 5.31.08: Wale makes t-shirt, Wentz makes bumblebee, Aussie chiptune…

*The United States ranks 8th in the world in musical intelligence based on an eMusic quiz. I may have been one of the children left behind.

*Do you want a mixtape t-shirt? If anyone could convince you that you do, it’s Wale. For their “Mix Tape About Nothing” release.

*The youngest member of Hanson is now a father.

*The Wall Street Journal profiles Steve Miller, who just kicked off a tour last week: “We weren’t getting anywhere,” he [Miller] told me. “I was pretty much at the end of the line. I didn’t have any dough, and I had just about finally given up. I thought, ‘I’m not going to be Eric Clapton. I’m not the Beatles. I have lots of limitations. So I’m making my record and I’m done.’ ” To fulfill his contract, he turned in “The Joker.”

*If you’ve ever wanted dozens and dozens of Australian chiptune scene music resources all in one place: you’re in luck. [little-scale]

*Pete Wentz has a giant Lego bumblebee made for his new bride, Ashlee Simpson.

Off topic video: “Burn After Reading” red band trailer

The new Coen Brothers movie with all the regular, including listenerd mascot John Malkovich.

Links for 5.30.08: A Blu-ray record, Rihanna’s “Distrubia,” The Dead’s kicks…

*From Grooveshark: TinySong is a a tinyurl for songs. HUH!

*Kanye West comments on all these “Flashing Lights” videos coming out (there are three versions so far): Two of them were leaked! [universal]

*The world’s first Blu-ray record has been released. Yes, it’s by Trondheimsolistene! A Norwegian orchestra. I’ll be honest. I didn’t know about Trondheimsolistene before this either.

*Converse = aggressive: Grateful Dead kicks (with shoes from The Beatles and The Doors on the way, as well). Also, Jack Purcells are available at J. Crew now. I take a lot of shit for this.

*The listenerd’s Fergie-replacement-diva Rihanna has a new song out: “Disturbia.” Farewell, Fergie. [vulture]

*Prince and Radiohead differ as to whether Prince’s Coachella cover of “Creep” should be allowed up on YouTube.

Video: MGMT’s “Electric Feel”

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t get this song out of my head. Or my loins.

[switchblade comb]

Video: Keira Knightley sings “Blue Tahitian Moon”

I’m sad again.


Video: Internet Love Song


Video: Kanye West’s third version of “Flashing Lights”

[the rap up]

Links for 5.29.08: Inconvenient opera, seniors cover Coldplay, John Tesh twitters…

*Young@Heart: Old people who have formed a band and cover the likes of Coldplay. If you weren’t sad enough already.

*An opera based on “An Inconvenient Truth” is forthcoming. Personally, I think the part where Mr. Gore goes up to the top of the screen on that lift thing will be the highlight of the show. Or the dead polar bears. [vulture]

*Wait. Louis Armstrong did kick-ass collages? Looks like that daily habit really did work well for him. [bb]

*Ricky Martin has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The man is loca. Or loco. Or whatever. [dailyswarm]

*The REDI MP3 player comes preloaded with 250 tracks. I’m actually surprised pre-loading hasn’t taken off to a greater extent than it already has. [oh gizmo]

*Is EMI up for sale again?

*Brits would like to see vinyl saved from extinction. Personally, I’m more of a polar bear guy.

*The kakophone: a music composition machine for your phone. (I have no idea.) [red ferret]

*Off topic: John Tesh is on Twitter. I want to see him @diablocody. And I mean that in the most PG way possible. [buzzfeed]

Video: Senior citizen band Young@Heart covers Coldplay

Young@Heart got a mention in today’s New York Times. Here are the oldsters covering Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

Video: Songwriter Earle Hagen is dead

Earle Harry Hagen, writer of the theme song for the Andy Griffith Show, is dead at 88.

He helped me learn how to whistle. (Also, Hagen himself is the one whistling in the show’s opener.)

Video (kinda): The Kuricorder Quartet do Star Wars tunes

The Kuricorder Quartet play tunes from Star Wars. This may be best experienced with your eyes closed. Or perhaps not experienced at all. Unless you are a nerd. Do I hear a recorder?