Links for 5.2.08: Kanye’s hate, Coldplay’s Yellow, I hate 1-800-Flowers…

*Warning: Kind of a lot of f bombs today. Weirdly.

*Kanye West on negative reviews: FUCK ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY I’M SICK OF YALL SHIT!!! The guy can blog, and here captures my sentiments exactly, though not my sentiments toward Entertainment Weekly, which I don’t particularly mind.

*Amusement watch: HIPSTER RUNOFF. Dan Deacon, fashion, hipsters, and neon. A quote about Coldplay: “I wish they’d get back to their roots, and write songs more like “Yellow,” or maybe experiment with bangers.”

*Radiohead: Please conserve carbon when attending concerts. [getty images]

*Rockstar Games guy on Grand Theft Auto IV: “Fuck all this stuff about casual gaming.”

*Off topic: Penis massage pants. How could someone not blog about these? [buzzfeed]

*Off topic: If I haven’t mentioned this before, 1-800-Flowers is on my shitlist. Probably permanently.

*eMusic forges ahead into Canada. O!

*Very difficult to explain to non-internet people: You can twitter from Second Life via a giant typewriter. [waxy]