Links for 5.3.08: Soundamus’ recos, spam’s anniversary, Santogold’s vomit…

by Josh Kimball

*Soundamus recommends upcoming music releases based on your data. After 12 minutes, I still don’t know what it wants me to listen to. [waxy]

*Tech: The story of spam. It’s 30 years old! [3 quarks daily]

*Techish: Anti-YouTube site Hulu has a channel on YouTube. A 30 Rock clip from said. [watching tv online]

*OK: RCRD LBL is pushing the Santogold. WordPress said they were going to kick me off if I didn’t say it. (Update: WTF? Did wordpress just auto-correct my lack of midcap in the word WordPress in the previous sentence?? YES!)

*HIPSTER RUNOFF on the Dan Deacon live experience: “Others say that Dan Deacon concerts are breeding grounds for organisms born out of the sweat of heavy-set men, overbearing 17-year-old female indie music fans, and greasy bros who like the crappy kind of electronic music.” With graphs! What’s with all the all-caps sites?

*Is the packaging of Beck’s 8-bit release “experimental” or just blurry? [spin city]