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SOME PROSE I FOUND: an irregular listenerd feature

The three best chunks of prose (not written by me) I have read recently. (Some possibly NSFW.)

“It’s like a monster truck you can pour into your face.”
– Picnicface on Brawndo energy drink from Rob Walker’s Consumed column [Quote corrected to match this video.].

“The first few generations of fuckbots will most likely be available only to the superwealthy and/or those willing to spend a small fortune on a visit to a robot brothel.”
– Dan Savage on the future of love in Savage Love.

“So we recorded some test episodes, and pretty quickly it was clear that each of us would have a role to play: Merlin would be the funny one, Scott would be the smart one and I would be the not funny one. Or Scott would be the witty one, Merlin the famous one and I would be the straight man – that is to say, I’d just sort of keep quiet except when I’m laughing. Or maybe Merlin would be the clown, Scott the thinker and me the one with glasses. Sometimes, we switch it up and Merlin plays Figurehead, Scott Team Captain and me Dead Weight. Regardless, it was decided I should be the one with little or no self-esteem, and I’m okay with that.”

– Lonelysandwich on the You Look Nice Today podcast on Extraview.

Links for 5.4.08: JazzFest’s costumes, dancing robots, Boredom’s frogs…

*Phonofone II is a pseudo-phonograph designed by Tristan Zimmermann for use by iPod owners. It is white and gorgeous, but alas, has no soothing spinning motion. Also, the online NYT design magazine is a bitch to browse.

*Also: If you are sick of iPods (and I am; at least my own), you could have a dancing robot (in this case, WALL-E) play your MP3s. While capering. Unless you are also sick of dancing, MP3-playing robots. [popgadget]

*The New York Times ArtsBeat blog on JazzFest. I went there many years ago, and some guy stole our beer.

*The A.V. Club reviews “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold” by Minneapolis’ Atmosphere.

*TAVC also interviews Boredoms. On the influence of frogs: “In the fields of rice patties, there’s a leader frog in each one. The leader will start making the sound, then all of them will start making their noises. It starts to build up, and once it builds, it becomes a rhythm. Then it all stops.

*The Wall Street Journal asks Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard what his playlist consists of. Mr. Gibbard lies thusly: She and Him, The Hollies, Emitt Rhodes. Where do they train these publicists?