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Links for 5.7.08: Lil Wayne’s sex advice, Korn’s literary chops, Dictionaraoke…

*Lil Wayne will be writing a love advice column for VH1. Use condoms! (That’s me, not Lil Wayne. I’m not sure how seriously you should take Lil Wayne’s advice yet.) [pee-fork]

*Would you like to read the biography of Korn? No, I’m not talking about Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” [metal sucks]

*R. Kelly’s trial is starting. MTV has a timeline. [idolator]

*Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are married. I could have sworn they were faker than Rihanna and Chris Brown. Or at least as fake. [concrete loop]

*The Walkmen write food reviews? Click through and follow the Reviews tab. [earfarm]

*MiRoamer: Customize your internet radio experience. I haven’t tried it. [venture beat]

*M.I.A. has a clothing line coming out. I’m pretty sure I could pull off none of it. [buzzfeed]

*Hoodies with Mp3s: Pretty sure I could not pull them off. [psfk]

*Is Miley Cyrus’ back hurting her ratings?

*A violinist honors the cabdriver who returned his $4M violin with a concert.

*Listen: Dictionaraoke. [mefi]

*Off topic: Manbabies. [neatorama]

Video: MGMT Interviewed By Nylon

Electric Feel is a pretty gnarly earworm.

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(OFF TOPIC) video: Air bear (sound)

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