Famous people on Twitter

by Josh Kimball

Famous and semi-famous people who twitter.

(I just have to point this out: Honestly, in many cases, you’d probably be better off to follow a regular human being who is extraordinarily good at Twitter. Especially if you are interested in music, sports, entertainment, technology, awesome things or life. Celebrities are frequently boring twitterers.)

ALSO: Here is a (I guess somewhat obvious) list of people who are not famous, but are actually very amusing and successful Twitterers. You should really think about clicking through, checking out their style, and following them.

@ed_x (Ahem.)

  • Article: The New York Times takes on the Celebrity Twitter Ecosystem.
  • Guide: Technologizer has a guide to famous Twitter people.
  • Article: The Guardian on Twitter celebrities.
  • Directory: Check the Celebrity category at WeFollow, a new user-generated Twitter directory thing from Digg’s Kevin Rose.
  • Comedy: A list, compiled Comedy Central, of comedians or other amusing people who Twitter. (Even though it was published recently, it includes a lot of OLD stuff; for instance, Jim Gaffigan makes the list, though he has not updated Twitter since 2007.)
  • Business: ExecTweets.
  • Celebs: SarahCPR
  • Curated: A List of Top Celebrity Tweets. Also, this from Mashable.
  • UK: Here.org.uk has a celeb twit list that’s VERY U.K. heavy.
  • Music: A short list of musicians who Twitter that’s also on the listenerd (this list and the musician one may not be in perfect sync).
  • More music: Drowned in Sound Guide to Musicians on Twitter.
  • Photos: A gallery of some famous Twitterers.

Also, doing  a link test: Five Star Professional; and another Five Star Professional link.