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Video: Flight of the Conchords’ “Ladies of the World”

Video: Bill O’Reilly flips out – the dance remix


Links for 5.14.08: Imeem ascends, Qtrax signs, Sally Forth rocks…

*Qtrax, the legal P2P startup, finally actually signs their 4th major label, Warner. [listening post]

*Vote: Cover vs. Original. Please make sure your voice is heard. This is almost as important as American Idol or Barack vs. Hillary. [mefi]

*Vulture pulls a great quote from Lil Wayne. On staying away from cocaine: “It’s just about the acne.”

*Sally Forth (the comic strip) references Vampire Weekend. Up next: Garfield eats lasagna off Santogold’s belly.

*Imeem is now the top music streaming site, passing AOL and Yahoo. Also, they’re opting in to OpenSocial.

*The top 20 superhero songs. [pop candy]

*Songs that are both anti- and pro-drug.

*The Listening Tree: Would you like to hear a tree grow? [good]

*Video: Leonard Cohen, back on stage. Everybody hates it when I try to sing Leonard Cohen. [daily swarm]

*Off topic: Who needs boobs with an ass like this? Sad. But I’ve read it eight times. [nevenmrgan]

*Note: I am declaring May 14th to be Nicole Eggert day (kinda SFW). Please help spread the word. It’s a long story.

Video: Scarlett and Penelope Kissing

Well, Scarlett *did* just put out that album.

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Update: Nate Dogg is fine

XXL gets the scoop: Nate Dogg’s manager has issued a statement making it clear that he is alive. That is all. [xrrf]

Video: N.E.R.D.’s “Everybody Nose”

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