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Video: A gramophone playing in a soothing manner

Wait for it… I would really like for this to be my video ringtone. Forever.

Video: Winemouse

I’m terrified, as usual.

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Links for 5.17.08: Musicians nude, Radiohead’s data, Ludacris’ green…

*Who are the Top 50 Nude music stars? I don’t really know what this even means, but it’s an irresistible headline, right? (NSFW) [getty images]

*Awesomeness: Radiohead 2008 Tour Statistics. [urlesque]

*MTV has released a list of the hottest MCs. Kanye is at the top. [nah right]

*The Chicago Tribune covers the R. Kelly trial: “Yesterday, he looked rough, a couple of weeks worth of fuzz on his braids. And his beard? Well, it had more naps than a preschool.” It’s been too long since this blog mentioned beards. Thank you, Chicago Tribune. [good]

*Conde Nast acquires Ars Technica. (Obvs, CBS bought CNET earlier in the week.)

*Ludacris and Tommy Lee (mentioned previously on this blog for their participation in a green-themed reality show) are playing an L.A. concert May 28th to kick off the show, Battleground Earth. I think it would be funny to see the riders for this show. [treehugger]

*Shephard Fairey uses Zipcar? Interesting in that Banksy is an outspoken I-GO user. [not really]

*Off topic: I don’t know who plays The Sims 2, but those who do can now buy IKEA furniture for their game selves. I’m not sure if it comes pre-assembled in-game, or not.