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Off topic video: Flying wang attacks Kasparov

My favorite link ever is to a news article about “flying wangs” attacking a journalist in the virtual world Second Life. The phenomenon appears to have jumped to real life, as a flying wang attacks Garry Kasparov in the following video. The only bad part about the clip: no reaction shot from Kasparov. (Here is the YouTube link, if the video isn’t working for you.)

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I need to post this image of Carrot Top

Carrot Top was at the Academy of Country Music Awards the other night.

I’m sad.

Links for 5.19.08: House music, Whitesnake bites back, the new Nas…

*Kudos, Bon Iver. OK, now “House” is following it up with Iron & Wine. TV music picker, I recognize that you are trying to make me cry, and I salute you for it.

*Top Ten Hair Metal Power Ballads: Whitesnake. WHITESNAKE, everyone. [metal sucks]

*Coolfer rounds up some subscription music ideas. As I’ve said, I’m not wholly against them.

*Once controversially titled “Nigger,” Nas’ new album is now named “Nas.” Great free publicity for a few months there, though.

*With their Adopt-a-Band program, Denny’s is allowing some participating up-and-coming bands to eat for free at their restaurants. In return, bands are asked to post pictures of themselves eating Denny’s.

*Music Bounce: Brick-like video game with a musical twist. [waxy, who kills it daily]

*You can hear “Chemtrails,” the new Beck tune – a collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse – on the dude’s MySpace. [the set list]

*Images: HOT Flickr set of classical LP covers. [bb]

*Off topic: Forgot to mention it over the weekend. Favrd crawls active twiterr users’ (or volunteers’) favorites, and features them. Like Favotter, but with better English and a less comical name.

*Off topic: Philip K. Dick’s UBIK is slated to hit the silver screen? I kid you not: When I was a public-library-going little dude, Dick’s “VALIS” blew my mind to shreds. OVER AND OVER.

Video: Bon Iver does “Skinny Love” on Jools Holland

Jools. Funny name.


Video: Hang drum solo

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