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Off topic: William McGonagall broadsheets sell for $13k

If you do not know the poetry of William McGonagall, you should. It’s a rare kind of genius. Not a good kind of genius, but a rare one. The Wall Street Journal on the man who has been called the world’s worst poet.

To wit, from “An Address to the New Tay Bridge”:

Beautiful new railway bridge of the Silvery Tay,
With your strong brick piers and buttresses in so grand array,
And your thirteen central girders, which seem to my eye
Strong enough all windy storms to defy.

Links for 5.20.08: Napster’s music store, Exes cassettes, the top MP3 blogs…

*Napster puts its 6 million song catalog on sale as DRM-free tracks, at a price of $.99 apiece.

*Cassette from My Ex. A blog that a lets people wax rhapsodic over mix tapes from their exes from back in the day. [tons of effers]

*Chuck Klosterman on super fans: Who are your fans that care too much? [everyone]

*Read a long interview with Ali Hewson, Bono’s wife, who must be the most patient, understanding woman in the world. (I really do not like Bono.) [music filter]

*Light my fire: Zippo + mp3 player = The Zarva Zippo MP320. [crave via daily swarm]

*Rolling Stone names its favorite MP3 blogs. Who knew these dudes even had broadband? [lucas gonze]

*Death Cab for Cutie is blogging over at Stereogum. Who’s the sellout now? No, really. Who is? Which of these parties? Hello?

*Coachella attendance was down 30,000 this year. [digital music news]

*The Rolly, Sony’s batshit crazy MP3 player, has finally come to the U.S.

*Off topic video: The science behind getting hit in the nuts. (Just because the recent flying wang post went over so well.) [spincity]

As we speak: Sasha-Frere Jones is twittering American Idol

American Idol twitters as the event happens, from the New Yorker music writer. They are not wittily epigrammatic, but he IS famous.

Video: Fergie on the Today Show

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