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Off topic: Some prose I have recently enjoyed

Clips of writing seen recently, enjoyed greatly:

“I don’t care who you are. If you don’t think flying dildos are funny, then you need to get your head checked.”
Shots Ring Out

“The Hobbit is not really a prequel so much as a separate book (no nerdo). And I’m pretty sure Aragorn isn’t even in The Hobbit originally, ladies. They’re going to have to work him [Viggo Mortensen] in (that’s what she said), probably by just having him smoke his shire weed pipe in the background wearing only his ancient leather g-string, forged in the fires of Mount Sex Object.”

“How about this: I had the pot-pie, my coworker had shingles when he was 14. Is that anything?”

Links for 5.21.08:’s evolution, Death Cab’s #1, Baghdad’s metal…

*The music biz (great headline): Making Money When CDs Don’t Sell. [why i failed]

*Thoughts on the new new, which is now in beta and for subscribers only. (Maybe I need to start with again?) [a vc]

*Tom Waits interviews himself: “Winston Churchill was born in a ladies cloakroom and was one sixteenth Iroquois.” [switchblade comb]

*A lovely $47k turntable. Soothing? [crave]

*Death Cab for Cutie’s latest, “Narrow Stairs,” entered the album charts at #1. They still have charts. [daily swarm]

*Coolfer has some musicky numbers from a recent Pew study: “86% of music buyers find out about music through TV, radio or movies.” NOT bloggers.

*Check it out: Heavy Metal in Baghdad, a documentary film about rock in Iraq. (A clip.) [listening post]

*Off topic: Michael Pollan talks about weed. Yes, marijuana. [mefi]

*Off topic: I looked at a for the first time in months yesterday. It hurt my feelings.

Video: Cat attends Israel Philharmonic Orchestra concert

Every video will feel like a letdown after posting that flying wang one the other day.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod