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I will write a thing about media mashes when…

…I have more time, am less tired, and have fewer than 4 drinks in me.

*I have been posting videos of phonographs playing records for nearly a year.

*I have also posted about Flickr contributors using photos of the back of Netflix sleeves to kick off mini-reviews of movies.

*Mike Sacks takes photographs of his television.

These are symptoms, more to come on the (good) disease. Thank you.

Links for 5.22.08: Floyd’s pork, ?uestlove’s love, Rifflet’s allure…

*Crowdsourcing your way through musician’s block: Rifflet allows bands to post songs and encourage other musicians to finish them. [read write web]

*How much do you really want to know about Pink Floyd’s pig? Side note: I enjoy bacon.

*Who are the top 50 bands uploaded to Muxtape? The Rawking crunches it: 1) Radiohead, 2) MGMT, 43) Neutral Milk Hotel… Side note: I enjoy carrot flowers.

*Boy band discoverer Lou Pearlman got 25 years in the slammer for conspiracy and money laundering. [medialoper – who link blogs very well…]

*Byron Crawford notes that ?uestlove is eerily well-informed on matters pornographic. He begins a brief dissertation on Asian performers: “i was intrigued like most cats in the early 90s with Asia Carrera but since the tragedy with the death of her husband she has kept a relatively low profile in the past couple.”

*Video: Zach Galifinakis interviews Michael Showalter. Nice beard.

*Lemmy: The Movie. Lemmy is 62? [vicarious]

*Video: Best Buy video cameras capture an in-store dance party. [bb]

*Off topic: GOOD magazine does a round-up post on beards. They’re the new long hair. But on your face.

*ATTENTION: My love affair with Vodpod is over. THANK YOU.

Video: Don’t point a laser pointer at KISS

This is the one warning you will get in your life to never point a laser pointer at KISS. (Video is oldish.)

[mental floss]