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Links for 5.24.08: MySpace’s mojo, Dylan’s b-day, Lobster kicks?

*MySpace opens up to developers in order to get back its juice. 1,000 new MySpace applications have been created in the last two months. [mediaeater]

*Experimental metal one-man bands on The Times.

*The Wall Street Journal on Al Green’s latest album: “Though he still has yet to hear an album by Mr. Thompson’s group, the Roots, Mr. Green says he’s thrilled about their collaboration and its results, including his first opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall, in June.”

*Lily Allen comments on the topless photos of hear that have surfaced: “I wish digital cameras hadn’t been invented.

*Bob Dylan is 67 today. Also, he has not updated his YouTube channel in a long time. Happy birthday, Bob.

*Video: Wale & Justice’s “W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.” In case you didn’t see it on a half dozen other, better blogs.

*Off topic: Nike SB Concepts Lobster Dunks are sneakers “inspired by the seafood heritage of New England.” They are limited editions, and come in a wooden crate. Really? I think I need to learn more about sneakers.

*Off topic: In the New York TimesConsumed column, Rob Walker writes about the Flip video camera, the camera I drunkenly bought off Zappos a couple weeks ago. Also, I used it to record a really boring video of my brother and me planting a tree today.

Video: Trailer for “A Skin, A Night,” The National’s new film

Video: Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” music video

Video: The Fishstick (a dance from You Look Nice Today)

Video: Japanese impersonators recreate “We Are the World”


Video: Mark Kozelek’s “Bedtime Lullaby” on Yo Gabba Gabba

An animated video for Mark Kozelek’s “Bedtime Lullaby” was featured recently on kiddie-hipster fave Yo Gabba Gabba. He had that one good song with Red House Painters. That one. [bb]

Game: Test your visual musical intelligence

Hearing shapes: Pick the shapes that correspond with the music being played. I did well at the beginning, then got bored. Such is the shape of many things in life. [neatorama]