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As of this Wednesday (the 28th), I’ll have a year under my belt blogging on the ‘nerd. With work on the backburner and a long weekend for leisure, I’m seizing this opportunity for some brief meta-blogging self-indulgence. If you are easily bored, fall asleep now and save yourself the eyestrain.

Unlike many bloggers, I started this site with very clear goals. At the time it began, I was covering consumer trends in the media/entertainment/technology space as a Senior Editor, playing with Web 2.0 stuff and consumer electronics, reading extensively, and writing 10-12 articles a week. The problem: Everything I wrote was published behind a spendy subscription firewall. In fact, despite 3+ years of writing about media and tech trends, I had practically no discernible presence on the ‘net at large.

So I started the ‘nerd with the focus of developing an online record of some of my work and thinking. Obviously, I was a heavy blog consumer, and I’d experimented with blogging before extensively, usually to test platforms and applications (I started tumbling when it still kinda sucked; and ended up giving it up before it hit big), but occasionally to stretch my legs a bit as far as subject matter, too.

The main goal of this blog, however, was not to give myself a venue to play with new technologies, nor was it to be a place I could experiment with content. It was simply a way to, in a focused and efficient manner that was, in fact, a by-product of my everyday work and life, develop an authentic, organic, semi-controllable web presence for myself.

With that goal in mind, the blogging part was sort of easy. Google (and, actually, future readers) was a prime part of the audience; writing for a real-time readership was secondary. At least at the beginning. Anyway, if searchability was a key metric, I did just moderately well this year. I’m still behind the surfing photog who runs and buys AdSense, but there’s at least some record of my work and/or thinking (or lack thereof) online now.

So whither the ‘nerd? Not sure. Having met my primary aims, I’m now contemplating whether to adjust my ultimate goals in writing this thing (with one option being to actually WRITE more instead of linking so much), or to just keep on trucking (or maybe simply skip-hop to the next venture).

As far as a linkblog goes, the setup I have now is almost too efficient. Despite switching jobs (I’m Exec. Editor now), 80% of the information that hits the ‘nerd is basically a byproduct of my everyday work and life. I spend 20-30 minutes a night smashing a monster feedreader and posting links, and once in a while I press a video onto the site in the middle of the day. The total, realistic time commitment’s about 8 hours a week, though it’d be significantly more if I ever wrote decent-sized posts. (I’d prefer if it were like 4.5 hours.)

Traffic these days is not bad; and the trajectory is actually spiking. Each of the last two months has been the highest ever. Each of the last three weeks has been the highest ever, as well. And the highest trafficked day for the site was posted in the past week. Just two days shy of a year and I (this isn’t – like many others – a group blog or a partnership, and I don’t have guest writers or linkers) have put up 1,114 posts. Kind of a lot.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who reads, watches on, links to, or – at the least – does not try to hack into and destroy the listenerd. It’s been an interesting experiment, and I’m not really sure where it will go from here. Having pretty much met my primary goals, I will most likely shift my tactics a bit (though the focus of the blog, if it continues, will pretty much stay where it is; any subject matter shift will be organic).

OK, that was long. Sorry. Same time, same place, next year? Maybe?

Links for 5.25.08: Suburban slumps, crowdsourcing the pie, booming female DJs…

*I’ve written about or mentioned the crowdsourcing of various elements of music many times in the past, including linking to SlicethePie, a site that allows fans to finance bands they think can make it. The Telegraph reports on SlicethePie’s progress. [largehearted boy]

*In Europe: Rise of the female DJ?

*The A.V. Club pans Mates of State’s newest album, and blames it on a “suburban slump” (aka having a kid).

*Muxfind: Find tunes you want to hear on Muxtape. I guess I should finally make one of those things. [vc]

*Sneakers: If you want to wear designer metal shoes, it will cost you around $225. [hypebeast]

*Sorta off topic: – a simple tool that lets you check who’s listening to whom on Twitter. [mediaeater] Also, Crowdstatus allows you to create Twitter groups. I haven’t tried to use it yet. Generally, I dislike large groups.