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Off topic video: “Twisted: A Balloonamentary” movie trailer

It’s the dirty balloon twisters vs. the religious balloon twisters in a war that will not end.


Links for 5.26.08: Blender rumors, Pitchfork tips, Kegel exercises…

*Light day today. Also, I split my shorts this morning loading a Bagster. Take that, Emily Gould!

*Pitchfork publishes a guide to summer festivals. Bring water. [earfarm]

*SoundCloud: Super-simple music sharing. [gonze]

*Video: More fishsticking (you might consider this an ongoing music video).

*There’s a rumor going around that Blender is closing shop.

*Off topic: Flaptor = more twitter search. [mediaeater]

*Off topic: Failure to launch. I’m sort of obsessed with Michel Fournier’s Le Grand Saut, and have been since a New Yorker article a few years back. La bete est solide!