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Video: Songwriter Earle Hagen is dead

Earle Harry Hagen, writer of the theme song for the Andy Griffith Show, is dead at 88.

He helped me learn how to whistle. (Also, Hagen himself is the one whistling in the show’s opener.)

Video (kinda): The Kuricorder Quartet do Star Wars tunes

The Kuricorder Quartet play tunes from Star Wars. This may be best experienced with your eyes closed. Or perhaps not experienced at all. Unless you are a nerd. Do I hear a recorder?


Video: Ed’s Furry Fucking Guide to Metal [NSFW]

Puppets star in this video, but the language is very metal. Which is to say yelly and swearish.

[metal sucks]

Video: Dude pops on So You Think You Can Dance

Also, he may lock at some point. I enjoy the part where he mugs for the camera. (Song is “It’s Me, Bitches” by Swizz Beatz.)


Video: John Lennon interview set to animation

A 1969 hotel room interview with John Lennon, now set to animation by Josh Raskin.

[fresh creation]