Links for 5.28.08: Lil Wayne’s hate, M.I.A.’s Canadian dream, Lala’s streams…

by Josh Kimball

*M.I.A. is considering moving to Canada. (But who isn’t?) She has Visa problems (Who doesn’t?). The passport kind, not the bills-in-the-mail kind. (Oh.) [daily swarm]

*It seems like Manu Chao and Javier Bardem would be fun to party with. Even in Algeria. Especially in Algeria?

*Lil Wayne: “Fuck you if you’re a mixtape DJ.” Ouch. Now if he’d said muxtape DJ, the internet would be up in arms. [nah right]

*Do you have $10,000? Do you like music? Do you not have children? Perhaps you would enjoy some expensive, new, glass speakers from Sony.

* begins charging: $.10 gets you unlimited streaming access to the tune of your choice. [digital music news]

*AudioJungle: A virtual marketplace for musicians. (I don’t know if it’s any good or not, frankly.) [mashable]

*Whoa: A visual interpretation of Destroyer’s “Rubies.” I love it. [swissmiss]

*Local music: This will destroy any credibility I may ever have had, but I don’t know the difference between G.B. Leighton and Mason Jennings. And I don’t want to know. (Wait. I know one is bald. Like me. But I don’t care which one that is. The end.)

*Time: Look, a watch with a face that looks like a cassette tape. For those of you who still enjoy watches. And cassette tapes. [bb]

*Idolator compiles a list of the top-10 non-Bonos. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re a non-Bono, you’re tops in my book. (No idea.)

*Off topic: John Hodgman writes a YouTube comment. (I have never left a YouTube comment myself; still trying to fully understand the vernacular.)