Links for 6.8.08: Prince’s b-day, Reznor’s rage, Winehouse’s racism

by Josh Kimball

*Prince turned 50 yesterday. The BBC has a timeline.

*The New York Times on Trent Reznor’s “Frustration and Fury“: “Fear has governed my life, if I think about it.”

*I did not watch this video. And I usually don’t link to much Amy Winehouse stuff. But, the usual. [fiddlr]

*I wrote about these for my day job back in the day, but mefi reminds me: Smart Shorties are multiplication tables set to hip-hop beats. [mefi]

*Jakob Dylan is almost 40 and he has 4 kids.

*Off topic. Borges comes alive (kinda). “Uncreative writer” retypes the New York Times. Next up: Uncreative blogger does nothing but link to shit. [swissmiss]

*Off topic: A German nursing home has created a fake bus stop in its neighborhood to keep Alzheimer patients from wandering off.