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Video: Phonograph playing soothingly (xylophone solo!)

The first xylophone solo ever featured on the listenerd. It will soothe the shit out of you.

Video: Blind 5-year-old pianist Yoo Ye Eun

Blind 5-year-old musical prodigy Yoo Ye Eun plays piano on the television show Star King. Video is from 2003. Kids.


Video: New Kids on the Block sing “Summertime”


Links for 6.9.08: T-Pain’s record label, Britney’s ride, the iPhone’s cost…

*Nappy Boy Records: T-Pain opens up an online-only record label. [mashable] Also, Ludacris opens up an online-only record label, Wemix. [venture beat] Sometimes, I feel like I’m repeating myself. Myself.

*Building a greener guitar: Flaxwood guitars don’t use hardwoods from the Amazon, hence are more eco-friendly. [alternative consumer]

*Bob Dylan’s paintings are now being shown in a London gallery in the Drawn Blank Series. [huffpo]

*Second Life co-founder Cory Ondrejka gets a job with EMI. There are jokes about nobody going to Second Life and nobody buying music, but you didn’t hear them here. Because there’s nobody here. Huh?

*Sufjan Stevens reviews Cryptacize’s new album: “Sometimes I worry that the ever-increasing trend toward excessive innovation has pushed the art and music world into a slapstick exhibition of dog breeding, generating increasingly newer, more contemporary fashions: gothic folk, for one. Or Afro-beat Ivy League pop.” I hate you for your confusing linking style, Pitchfork. And I will never stop hating you. [p-fork]

*Britney Spears drives a tiny car. It must be seen. It must be seen, readers.

*Signal Patterns: A Web 2.0 beta thingy that plays you a bunch of music then tells you your worth as a person. Tagline: “Discover the real me.”

*AC/DC signs on to deliver its next album exclusively through Wal-mart. Who’s got the biggest balls of them all? And by “balls” I mean retail clout.

*Does the new 3G iPhone suck? Data plan = +$10/month. (Kidding. Kinda. I pretty much owned WordPress’ “iPhone Sucks” tag back in the day. Yep. Ugh.)

*Band: an iPhone app that lets you compose music on the go. Read what Daring Fireball says about it here. [listening post]

Video: College crew does Flight of the Conchords tune

Once again it’s the Carleton Singing Knights. This time singing an a capella tune from Flight of the Conchords.

[pop candy]

Video: David Byrne walks thru Playing the Building

David Byrne has made a building into a musical instrument for an installation called Playing the Building. In this video, he walks some dude from through his creation. It’s worth watching. Warning: the Pitchfork guy is bald.