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Video: Snoop Dogg’s “My Medicine”

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Links for 6.14.08: K-fed’s pride, Neil Young’s fuel, hippie dancing!

*Kevin Federline has been named Father of the Year by Prive, a Las Vegas nightclub. Responded Federline: “I’m surprised.”

*For all the wealthy listenerds: Wilson Audio Alexandria X-2 stereo speakers cost $135,000. I don’t know what they sound like. Hopefully like breasts against the window. (No idea.) [GQ 5.08]

*Billboard talks to Neil Young about the upcoming documentary, “CSNY: Deja Vu.” Young says “I’m not really focused on music right now, as far as new music. I have a couple songs in the back of my head, and if they come to the front of my head, I’ll write ’em. But as far as my life goes, I’m totally focused on eliminating roadside refueling.” [largehearted boy]

*The New York Times writes up My Morning Jacket and their new album, “Evil Urges.” The band’s bassist on their success: “Once we played outside of Kentucky I felt like everything was icing on top of a really nice cake.”

*Video: Rolling Stone, with the help of MGMT, is offering up a guide to hippie dancing. Admission: I still don’t know how to hippie dance.

*Zune has opened an exclusive music club in Los Angeles, Zune L.A.

*How to Kill an Earworm: Listen to the whole song or do some math. [lifehacker]

*How it will end for this blog, when the end comes.

Words that go nowhere: quotes sans links

An irregular listenerd featurette.

I am sick and tired of living in the Age of the Asshole. What a falling is there. Would Rooster Cogburn holler, “Fill your hand, you asshole”? No, he wouldn’t. “Son of a bitch” is something he can get his eye, his belly, his back, his head, his heart, his cojones, and the rest of him into.
-Roy Blount Jr., Esquire, 7.08

Also from said issue:
The old president and baby girl–Bill and Hill–they tried to double-wop on him–boo bop. But he have enough game to get out of that.
-Snoop Dogg on Barack Obama

“Little Jonathan is not a good rap name.
-Lil Jon, GQ, 6.08

One of the best things a guy can call another guy, I think, is bitch. ‘Sup bitch? It’s cool. Then again, I wouldn’t have suggested that Andrew Meyer scream, “Don’t tase me, bitch!” in his hour of need.
-Russ Spencer writing for GQ, 5.08