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Video: John Cage performs “Water Walk” on “Someone’s Got A Secret”

This video is old. You can tell by the haircuts.

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Links for 6.17.08: Biggie movie blog, Heart concerts, eMusic money…

*The producer of the new Notorious BIG biopic has been blogging. [pop candy]

*Words: A tag cloud from the manuscript of John Hodgman’s new book, “More Information Than You Require.” To me, this is very calming.

*eMusic is raising subscription rates. I dropped eMusic more than a year ago; with the introduction of Amazon’s MP3 store, I don’t miss it a bit.

*MP3 blog ad networks: That sentence looks like word salad. Predictably, music blogs are loving the idea, though.

*Artsy: The Heart Chamber Orchestra: Listen to the heartbeats of 12 musicians hooked up to ECG sensors. Videos are here. [neural]

*Off topic: BB Gadgets has video of a Teddy Ruxbin hacked to recite Twitters.

Video: The Trons, a self-playing robot band

Is it just me, or is the keyboardist kind of hot? (Here, The Trons can be seen playing “Sister Robot.”)