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Video: The Weng Weng rap

I did not even know who Weng Weng was before today.


Video: Cloud Cult performs on Carson Daly

The song is “Story of the Grandson of Jesus.” And interestingly enough, that dumb MyHeritage application from back in the day once told me that Carson Daly was my celebrity lookalike. Technology has a long way to go.

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Off topic video: Silversun is World of Warcraft machinima

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Video: Wurlitzer concert organ removed from theater

An old Wurlitzer concert organ is removed from the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Update: Arnel Pineda’s U.S. Embassy aid speaks

READ: A follow up on the the tale of Arnel Pineda, Journey’s new lead singer who was discovered via YouTube while playing in a cover band called the Zoo in the Philippines.

Finally, the U.S. Embassy officer who made it possible for Pineda to get into the country speaks:

“It was a Friday. I went with two LES (Local Embassy staff). We got a table, ordered some beer, fried chicken and so on. The opening band came on. They were called “Zoo” — this I’m sure of, since I’m from Kalamazoo, the name stuck.”


Video: A musical plasma globe

Coincidentally, plasma is one of my favorite states of matter.

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Video: Keromin = a theremin frog


Links for 6.20.08: Girl Talk samples, Toby Keith’s movie, Diesel’s pants…

*Has the music industry abused us? “To me, Apple’s success with iTunes and its ability to sell 5 billion songs since its launch is an awful event.” Also: Who is “us”? [medialoper]

*Top 45 free music sites: Free, unless you consider the time you have to waste wading through the ads peppering this list a form of payment. Which I do. [red ferret]

*The Wikipedia page for Girl Talk’s new, name-your-own-price album “Feed the Animals” already contains a wealth of information on the samples used.

*Marketing: Diesel will be selling mud-resistant jeans and giving out free underwear at some European musical festivals this year. Mud-resistant jeans. [psfk]

*Listen to the oldest recordings of computer-generated music. Recorded in 1951, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” is every bit as powerful today. [waxy]

*The composer of some of the music John McCain is using for his ads is getting annoyed. Also: Who knew McCain was using videogame music?

*Toby Keith: Screenwriter.

*Semi-related: Why does your voice sound different when you hear it from a recording? [magnetbox]

*Off topic: The long-awaited video game Spore started releasing some teases the other day with a Creature Creator download. Within 48 hours users were creating porn creatures.

Video: Soulja Boy responds to Ice T

NSFW language. I think this may be a beef. Also, this video is kind of long.

Video: Interview w/ Metallica on 25th anniversary of “Kill ‘Em All”

[metal hammer]