Links for 6.22.08: Dylan’s radio show, eMusic’s TV shows, MN’s white people show…

by Josh Kimball

*More beef: Ice T and his son respond to Soulja Boy with one more video. I swear to God, this is my last post on the topic. On a merely linguistically related note, it’s a great day for some ice tea. Or maybe an Arnold Palmer.

*Are TV downloads coming to eMusic?

*The Wall Street Journal profiles Bob Dylan’s satellite radio show Theme Time Radio Hour. “To listen to “Theme Time Radio Hour” is to rediscover the sense of musical adventure that old-fashioned disc jockeys with strongly individual personalities offered in the days before big-money stations pinned their fiscal hopes to the rigid Top 40-style playlists that took the fun out of radio.” Also, I think Bob Dylan should start twittering.

*Brothers and sisters: A Guardian profile of siblings who rock together. [largehearted boy]

*Professional musicians try their hand at teaching junior high school kids in Brooklyn.

*I did not Rock the Garden yesterday with Bon Iver, Cloud Cult, Andrew Bird and New Pornographers. Because I am old. But this person did. And from the execrable Star Tribune: “Not only is the Current/89.3 FM-derived lineup for this Rock the Garden less ethnically diverse than the NHL, but even for white-boy rock it’s a narrow niche of pasty-skinned, parka-wearing, bookwormy indie rock.” Pretty right. And the first sentence I’ve read from the Strib in a long, long time!

*Off topic video: Playboy has released its own version of the Wii Fit girl – snowboarding. [underwire]