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Links for 6.25.08: Avril’s hit, animatronic love, Ali’s shades…

*Video: The previously featured Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band plays Usher’s “Love in the Club.” [buzzfeed]

*Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” is poised to take over the top spot on YouTube’s most-viewed list. Though not without controversy. I must reluctantly admit that I have contributed to this record by watching the video once. OK, twice.

*Bright idea: A lamp made out of clear cassette tapes. [geeksugar]

*Kanye puts Kanye glasses on Muhammad Ali. Ouch.

*Test: An ultra-simple music recommendation engine based on one’s profile: It told me to listen to Miracle Fortress and Underworld. I will try. [wiredset]

*The New York Times says that live music may be where the money is. Thank you! [medialoper]

*Fairly awesome DIY guitar picks: a photoset. [bb]

*Fashion: Vinyl headgear. It’s all the rage.

Video: “Do your testicles feel OK?”


Links for 6.24.08: Naked Cowboy sues, Rihanna’s ads, Bonnaroo downloads…

*The L.A. Times profiles Peter Gabriel, the entrepreneur behind music download site Also, he’s some sort of musician, I guess. [wiredset]

*Download: My Morning Jacket’s entire 3-hour set from Bonnaroo. That is a serious beard. [pop candy]

*Headlines I love: Can a Song Be Gay? [daily swarm]

*I have written about eco-nightclubs for the day job many times. PSFK notes than San Francisco is adding a green nightclub of its own, Temple.

*Idolator compiles an advertising/video history of Rihanna.

*More advertising: The Naked Cowboy will continue his legal suit against the Naked Blue M&M. [gothamist]

*Off topic: The metallic shoes of the day.