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Links for 7.1.08: Rhapsody MP3, 50 gayest songs, Jay-Z’s Brazilian wax…

*Rhapsody has launched an MP3 store. [lots of people]

*Also: HOT TOPIC is launching an MP3 store. No word yet from my grandma. [daily swarm]

*Also: The (RED) campaign will begin to sell MP3s (with proceeds going to African causes). No word yet from Bono.

*Great New York Times blurb from over the weekend: Bob Dylan is the popular musician most often cited in judicial opinion. He has the 80+ demo LOCKED.

*Warner Music Group signs on for Nokia’s Comes with Music service. [mediaeater]

*The 50 Gayest Pop Songs. Full list here, from Rhapsody. Heavy on the ABBA. [chum bucket]

*GROOMING: Jay-Z and P. Diddy both get Brazilian pubic waxes. Also, they both have letters as parts of their names. COINCIDENCE?

*Soundchaser: Using old vinyl to make rad model train tracks. Video here. [waxy]

*Make your own Elvinator robot Elvis impersonator. If you are crazy. [bb gadgets]

Video: The VocaListener – a synthesized voice

Sounds a little like a Pokemon gargling.

[mir research]

Local video: Haley Bonar performs “Green Eyed Boy”

Performed at the studios of 89.3, The Current.