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Videos: Avril Lavigne nears YouTube’s all-time mark

Avril Lavigne’s video “Girlfriend” is now fewer than 300k views (out of more than 91M total) away from overtaking “The Evolution of Dance” as YouTube’s all-time most-viewed clip.

You can frame this contest as new vs. old, mainstream media vs. user-generated content, young vs. old, men vs. women or dumb vs. dumber. But you must frame the contest. And then you must vote. By watching one of these. Or not watching either. This is a funny video, as well. GOODBYE!


Video: Nerdcore Rising – From Here to Awesome


Links for 7.9.08: Lil Wayne marketing, torture music, pays indies…

*Money: will pay royalties to unsigned artists for the songs streamed through their service. Label this! Hypebot captures the response of Merlin (the “indie major”). [techcrunch]

*Torture: Torturers might owe royalties to artists for the music they play over and over to torture victims.

*Cellular: Call a rapper, get a freestyle ringtone. [WAIT – my day job?]

*Television: Wine bar music comes to Sesame Street as Feist performs with Elmo on PBS on August 11th.

*Industry: Is myAWOL (My Artists Without Labels) a new kind of label? Which is to say a media channel meant for music and optimized for the internet. (Hey, that aside wasn’t droll at all!)

*Contest: Would you like to compete with Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. to create the best song from the lyrics of The Honeydogs’ Adam Levy? It’s for Minnesota Public Radio! OK, I would not either.

*Tapes: The Cassette Tape Pouch. It does not play music.

*Marketing: NPR deconstructs Lil Wayne’s marketing strategy for The Carter III. [the rap up]

*Politics: Barack Obama gives a shout out to Weezy’s lyrical skills at a Georgia campaign event.

*Song title of the day: “Too Drunk to Fuck” by Buckcherry. Video.