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Video: A Motorola 65F12 phonograph spinning soothingly

The explanation at the beginning is almost as mesmerizing as the spinning record, in its own sad way. Music by Frankie Yankovic.

Update: Arnel Pineda is “as close as one can get to being…Steve Perry”

I don’t know what that means, exactly, but the Deseret News must. Also: there is an image gallery of a recent Journey concert.

It appears that Mr. Pineda wears sneakers.

Links for 7.12.08: Lennon’s payday, MGMT’s buzz, Lohan’s leggings…

*Genre: I have just learned from the New York Times that Fleet Foxes plays “cosmic American music.”

*Buzz: New York magazine tackles the tantalizing topic of MGMT’s buzz building methods.

*Beatles: John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics sheet for “Give Peace a Chance” recently sold at auction through Christie’s for $833,000. Seems like a lot considering all the readily accessible song lyrics sites out there today.

*Localish: The Wall Street Journal talks to the Hold Steady: “If you’re going to have a drink, at least climb on top of the water tower to do it.”

*Fashion: Lindsey Lohan leggings have kneepads built in.

*Off topic: PaidContent was acquired by The Guardian. TechCrunch is in acquisition talks with AOL? The latter seems like a great way to consolidate loathing. [buzz machine]

*Off topic: Bic is launching a line of disposable pre-paid cellphones. Perfect for all your drug acquisition and/or distribution needs.

*Feelings: Economic charts and graphs are making me nervous. VERY NERVOUS.