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More links (7.14.08): Prince’s skills, iPhone sales, your carbon footprint…

*Green: If you are willing to calculate your carbon footprint, you can get a free Radiohead live track. I planted a tree last month. Apropos of nothing.

*Video: Animated music video of Flairs’ “Better Than Prince.” [mnspeak]

*TV: Shepard Fairey pimps for Dexter. I like posters.

*Tech: Apple sold 1M 2nd-generation iPhones in its first weekend.

*Magazines: July / August is the Believer‘s music issue. Admission: Last year I gave them a pity subscription (they were short on cash), but this year I let it lapse. I’m just trying to be honest here, readers. [idolator]

*Street art: Banksy may have been unmasked. I’m betting that I’m under some sort of contractual obligation as someone with a blog to mention this? [waxy]


Video: Robots trained to pogo to punk music

The original site had a warning indicating that the video includes strobe lighting. So I should tell you: This video has strobe lighting. Want to read more? More (and more boring!) pogoing robot footage here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Video: Feist appears on Sesame Street

I remember when Mr. Hooper died. Or was it Dr. Hooper?


Video: The Making of Radiohead’s “House of Cards” video

Video: Radiohead’s “House of Cards” music video


Links for 7.14.08: iPhone music apps, Guns n’ games, Snoop’s smarts…

*iPhone: Pandora and introduce apps for the new iPhone.

*Videogames: Guns ‘n Roses is putting one of the tunes from the forthcoming Chinese Democracy, “Shackler’s Revenge,” on Rock Band 2. [daily swarm] I want my free Dr. Pepper.

*Money: For rockers, the money isn’t in the album, it’s in the old crap. (Rock memorabilia prices surge.) [pop candy]

*Localish: Pitchfork gives The Hold Steady’s Stay Positive an 8.4. I didn’t even know they were still doing these score things!

*Food: Make your own guitar lunchbox. Or lunchbox guitar.

*Speakers: Who doesn’t want stereo system components shaped like nuts? Peanuts, people. Peanuts.

*Wisdom: Esquire’s What I’ve Learned column by Snoop Dogg. Esquire needs help with their web strategy. They also need a music blogger. I’m just saying.

*Off topic: Apparently, the city in which I attended high school is the best place to live in the country. If that’s the case, though, why am I so bald?