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Links for 7.16.08: Music+Politics, Kanye’s ghost, Barenaked busts…

*Politics: Wyclef, Kanye and N.E.R.D. are all lined up to perform in Denver at the time of the Democratic National Convention. [the daily swarm] (See previous listenerd post for DNC tunes.)

*Songs: Bodies of Water records a Daytrotter session.

*Transportation: Pandora does up a video of the John Lennon Bus, which teaches school kids about songwriting and music production.

*Hacks: If you even know what a PSP-based homebrew sequencer app is, you will undoubtedly love PSPSeq. Look, I just type this shit, ok?

*Ghostbloggers: Kanye does NOT have one. A short list of people who are definitely NOT Kanye’s ghost blogger (because he doesn’t have one) includes: Marcus Troy. (Also: I am not Kanye’s ghost blogger. Hello? I CAN DO CAPS.)

*Local: Muzzle of Bees does 5 Questions with Twin Cities songstress and Dunn Brothers barista Haley Bonar: “Blogs are weird to me, I haven’t tapped into that scene yet, but I appreciate that they’re there.”

*Arrests: Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies has been arrested for coke possession. [absolute punk]

*Off topic: Andy Dick has been arrested for being a drunken asshole at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

*Local: Listenerd-endorsed Minneapolis music blogger SWITCHBLADE COMB will be appearing on Drinking with Ian on Friday. Maybe you should go.

*NO LINKS: I do not feel like writing about or linking to Hayden Panettiere’s new single, Scarlett Johansson’s covers of The Cure or Britney Spears’ prospective new material. I’m sorry if I’ve failed you.

Progressive bands plan ProVention Concert in St. Paul during RNC

The Provention Concert, slated for September 2 at St. Paul’s Midway Stadium, is a rock-based attempt at drawing attention to “People, Peace and the Planet” during the Republican National Convention. Several local bands have signed up to be part of the counter-programming initiative, including such Twin Cities as Dan Wilson, Kid Dakota, The Alarmists, Chris Koza, Charlie Parr, and the Honeydogs. The politically progressive rock concert has been in the works for several weeks now, but it’s site has been down until recently.

Also worth a gander is the Poster Offensive, an aesthetic attempt to promote “peace and democracy,” while drawing on the media attention and foot traffic that will be concentrated in the city during the Republican National Convention.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: “Carmen” by German rapper Sido

German hip-hop. Mr. Sido wears a mask (a la MF Doom) that is GOLD.

Video: Soulja Boy bloopers and outtakes

Soulja Boy saying “yo.” Take that, Ice T.