Breaking mini-links post! (7.27.08): Extreme diarrhea and cassette tapes

by Josh Kimball

*Updated (7.28).

*Daring Fireball: Apple uber-expert John Gruber thinks that Steve Jobs has EXTREME DIARRHEA!!!!

*Tapes and Tapes: OK, just days after a story on how cassette tapes are totally killing in the prison system comes out, we are holding a funeral for the cassette (based on audio book publishers’ dropping them). What happened in just the last few days? (They were shanked?) [mediaeater]

*Also dead: According to the Times, liner notes are going the way of the cassette tape, as well. I’d like to thank the internet. (Get it? Like a liner note! I made that up just now!!!!!11 Ugh.)

*Lists: Metafilter compiles a list of music lists that includes the 100 Greatest Songs of 1967, the 50 Greatest Classical Tone Poems and the Greatest Frontmen of Rock. A list of reasons this is not a sign of the coming apocalypse:
1) It’s a lot of lists.
2) They’re in one place.
3) They are a fast, orderly way to consume and/or simply sort information.
4) Why would I decry as fatuous a fast, orderly way of consuming information? Can I not just take it at face value and look for other kinds of information in other kinds of places? Hello!? Hello!