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Google’s music search goes live in China

Check out, where one can find licensed tunes he or she can download for free. Confession: I can’t read a lick of Chinese. Details are available at PaidContent.

Links for 8.5.08: Rage Against the RNC, Bernie Mac lives, dancing dies?…

*Local + politics + music: Rage Against the Machine will be playing at Target Center on September 3, when the Republican National Convention will be going down. (Related: The Provention Concert.)

*Digital music: iTunes is the country’s sales leader for music, for the first half of 2008. Amazon (the best overall music buying experience for the consumer): rising.

*The Least Rocking Song of All Time: Oh, screw the least rocking song of all time. Check out this comment: “Maggie Gyllenhall has grandma-face.” Thank you, “Abe Froeman.” You have made my week. [opp]

*Dancing: The Boston Globe thinks dancing is going away. Except on TV. Obviously, they have not been hanging out in my living room. (No idea.) [3quarksdaily]

*Video: Sony signs up Rocketboom. PaidContent asks: Seven figures? Ouch.

*Retirement: The only dedicated retirement home for musicians in the UK, the Ivor Newton House, may soon be closing. 15 retired musicians would have to find new places to rock. [xrrf]

*More biz: Disc Makers has bought CD Baby.

*Breaking: Bernie Mac is not dead. Neither is the Subway guy.

Video: Wilco’s “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”


Video: Fleet Foxes play “Blue Ridge Mountains” on Letterman

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