Links for 8.7.08: Girl Talk’s legality, TuneWiki’s rise, Boredom drummers…

by Josh Kimball

*OMG: Tomorrow is 8 / 8 / 08! Brooklyn Vegan has a list of the 88 drummers playing The Boredoms’ 88Boadrums. Including: Fuji, Yoshimi and Eye, to name a few with very short names.

*Wait. WHAT?: Blah blah blah Tesco. Blah blah blah “Dirty Dancing” promotion. Blah blah blah “drive watermelon sales.” Let me just say: I’m all for watermelon sales.

*Play Your Part: The New York Times is onto Girl Talk. BUT DID THEY “WRITE” A MASHUP REVIEW OF GT’S LATEST ALBUM? OK. I’m breathing now. Breaths. Whew.

*M.I.A.: Staunchly anti-terrorist since forever. (Despite using Tamil Tigers iconography!)

*Digital music: Popcuts will pay you if you buy songs that become popular? Could pyramid schemes be the future of the music biz? WAIT a sec… [largehearted boy]

*Television: Guess who wants to go to Police concerts: Public radio donors. (That is code for old people.) Also: Best Buy will be the exclusive seller of the geriatric band’s forthcoming live DVD.

*TuneWiki: Will it “[become] the standard media player on Google’s forthcoming Android platform”?

*Local: Local online music mag Reveille is having a birthday party at the Turf Club on August 9.