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Video: More Ken Nordine – “Truth Mute”

I heard a segment on Ken Nordine on NPR like 5 years ago and I was hooked.

Video: Martha Wainwright Black Cab Session

If the effer won’t load for you, this.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More links (because I can): Marley’s room, Bono’s face, Allen’s slips…

*Images: You need to see this picture of Bono not wearing glasses. Now I am feeling bad for Bono? After all these years of loving my hate? [fark]

*Images: What Bob Marley’s old room looks like (Flickr). [digg]

*Boobs: Lily Allen blogs about her recent nip slips. It begins, “hello , i wore a loose fitting t shirt yesterday .” (Confession: I have had a long post about my own recent nip slips sitting in my Drafts folder for almost two weeks.)

*Cred: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows Jay-Z’s oeuvre inside and out (with video), recognizing some Hove lyrics as coming from one of Jay’s more obscure albums. [gothamist]

*Fitness: Turn your old CDs into dumbbells. I have, in my own efforts to stay green, also begun using tape from cassettes to floss my teeth.

Videos: Males hitting soprano C in full voice – a compilation

A video compilation of dudes hitting high c’s in full voice, with YouTube responders adding some more high male voices to the mix. (Personal note: I can’t sing.)


Video: Dylan does “Girl from the North Country” on ’64 Canadian TV special


Links for 8.9.08: Dylanomics, Bernie Mac dies, sexiest music vids…

*Dylan on the economy: The Freakonomics blog asks readers to use Bob Dylan lyrics to talk about current economic conditions.

*Wow: Bernie Mac died. He was 50.

*Race: Did L’Oreal lighten Beyonce’s skin in a recent ad? [buzzfeed]

*Sex and videos: Nerve collects the 50 Sexiest Music Videos. I have to admit that Billy Idol’s “Cradle of Love” made me feel weird when I was 16. And by “weird” I mean that I can’t say what I mean. GOODBYE. [fimoculous]

*Paternity: Clay Aiken is a father. Now I am really depressed.

*Facial hair: Everyone knows I’m more of a beard guy, but the HoustonPress compiles 5 of the top moustaches in rock. Jim Croce. [earfarm]

*Monster stretch: Could customer-service savants be getting into the music biz? Valleywag makes a leap based on some cryptic twitters. (If they do get into tunes, I have some Santogold I would like to return.)

*Personal update: On the plus side, I have not seen anyone LARPing yet today. (I really haven’t.)

Video: 88 Boadrums – 88 drummers on 8/8/08

[brooklyn vegan]

Video: Memphis Bleek raps for Fructis Flow shampoo

It is a long commercial.