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Video: Rock-afire Explosion Teaser

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Video: Girl Talk at All Points West 2008

The first 40 epileptic seconds, at least, are worth the click.

This is the first in a series of videos. Warning: It includes much footage of spazzing out, computer staring, and an empty stage. And beach balls. (The channel upon which the rest of this series can be found is here.)

Mini-links for 8.10.08: Colonel Sanders, Dan Deacon and the Zune

*Peter Gabriel looks like Colonel Sanders. Also, he is attempting, as regular readers (if any) of this blog may know, to make a digital music model that works. [mediaeater]

*Concerts: Imagine sitting in a music venue surrounded by a half dozen or more bands, who alternate songs. Or something. This is Dan Deacon’s plan for a series of round-robin concerts. If I could explain it, I would be in journalism. Or something. GOODBYE.

*MP3 players: In this week’s NYT Magazine Consumed column, Rob Walker explores the motivation of the world’s most enigmatic consumer, the Zune buyer.

Video: A rockin’ one-armed guitar player

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