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Reviews: People like Arnel Pineda

A review of Journey’s new lead singer, Arnel Pineda of the Philippines, from the Hampton Roads: “His voice had an uncanny resemblance in tone to that of Perry, and it soared, hitting the high notes with ease, which was a challenging effort on passionate ballads like ‘Faithfully’ and ‘Open Arms.'”

Links for 8.14.08: Second Life soars, Bono snorts, Obama’s picks…

*Metaverse: A blues musician from Second Life, Von Johin, has signed a record deal in the real world. The dude does weekly virtual-world shows, and is interviewed about his success here. No word on if he is into Furries.

*Snorting: Bono snorts salt. OK, now you are trying to rehabilitate him in my eyes? YOU FUCKERS.

*Tourist traps: Paul McCartney and George Harrison’s sister might open a Beatles museum in Branson, Missouri. Let me tell you something about Branson, Missouri: I’m scared of it. Very scared.

*Lists: What are Barack Obama and John McCain’s Top 10 Favorite Songs? Politically savvy lists. Both cite Sinatra. A little too much Springsteen and U2 for my tastes, but then again, American hates me.

*Politics: Jackson Browne is suing John McCain for using his song, “Running on Empty” in a commercial without permission.

*Fashion: Blackberry earrings. (Warning: these are NOT real Blackberries.) Also: It would be hard to see if the little red light was blinking while you were wearing them. [shiny shiny]

*Law: Prince will not allow the Singing Dentist to put his own version of “Purple Rain” on his debut album. Admission: I haven’t been to the dentist in about 20 months. I thought you should know. [getty images]

Video: Rapping on the evening news

A weatherman and a traffic reporter attempt to rap on television. Scary shit, people.

First traffic:

And now a weather rap. Click here and scroll down.

Video: Lily Allen’s “Fuck You Very Much”

This song contains the F-word! In the title.