Links for 8.17.08: Pandora’s last stand, Royal Ronsons, Lykke Li clips…

by Josh Kimball

*Internet radio: Pandora’s founder says we’re reaching “a last stand for webcasting.” [techmeme]

*Multi-platform: Harper’s Bazaar dresses the Ronsons up like the Royal Tenenaums. Dressing them up like the Osmonds also would have been good. [buzzfeed]

*Hip-hop: Underground hip-hop social network Goldmic has partnered with Spike Lee’s ad agency, SpikeDDB. What will they do together? I have no clue. [mashable]

*Sweden: The Wall Street Journal looks at Lykke Li and her debut album, “Youth Novels.” (You can also listen to clips if you want to, too.)

*I guess Madonna turned 50 today. I’m 33. Ugh.

*Unconvention: The New York Times writes up some local counter-programming that’s happening the week the Republican National Convention is in town.