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Links for 8.18.08: Pandora’s fate, Santogold’s mash, Katy Perry’s sins…

*TechCrunch suggests that Pandora may have to be sacrificed to the digital music gods. [techmeme] Or maybe Pandora just needs to get more social.

*Religion: The mother of Katy Perry (of “I Kissed a Girl” fame) is angry at her daughter for “promoting a sin.” [fark]

*Kanye: One Mr. Kanye West points your attention to this Santogold + Justice mashup.

*Family: The Allman Brothers is (are?) suing their label to try to get more money from sales through iTunes.

*Fuck beer: Order me a sensory cocktail. And let’s double down on the cigar mist. Please? I need it.

*Apology: I don’t have a lot of witty commentary here because I took a lot of sun today. And I mean a lot.

Video: Dancing with Vehicles

[clusterflock via gf]