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Links for 8.22.08: Da Brat’s sentence, Finn’s ‘ball, Decemberists’ party?

*The Twins: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn will be talking baseball with ESPN for “The Show.”

*Prison: Da Brat has been incarcerated. For assaulting a woman with a liquor bottle. Seems as if Da Brat is engaging in antisocial behavior.

*Arson: 50 Cent is finally talking about his recent, suspicious house fire with government officials.

*Celebrate: It would cost $50,000 to have The Decemberists play your next private party. But at least they would use the word “dirigible” as they serenaded you. [largehearted boy]

*Cake: I had some insanely good chocolate cake tonight! [caitlin]

What body parts does your favorite musical genre most-often address?

Fleshmap’s awesome visualization offers a cloud-like view of which body parts are most often cited by musical genre. Hip-hop, for instance, is about the ass. Metal? The eyes. Gospel, the hands. [mefi]