Links for 8.24.08: Campus iPhones, Crow’s politics, El Quickie…

by Josh Kimball

*Kids: They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh talks kids music with the New York Times. (Admission: I suffered a brief bout of gigantism in the early ’90s.) [No idea.]

*Back to School: The iPhone on campus. When I was in college, they barely had email. [huffpo]

*Projects: Phones that double as musical instruments. [cscout]

*In Brief: El Quickie is a performance art piece and an intentional one-and-done band. Their goal: write an album, play a show, break up. [abelardo]

*Politics: Register 3 friends to vote, get a free copy of Sheryl Crow’s new song, “Gasoline.” Seems like kind of a lot of work. [digg]