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Video: Bon Iver plays “Flume” and “Lump Sum” at Outside Lands

Spin magazine has caught video of Justin Vernon playing the two above-mentioned tunes at San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival this past weekend. Find Flume here and Lump Sum here.

Links for 8.25.08: Tix scalping innovation, Barenaked escape, Minneapolis UnConvention…

*Tickets: LiveStub hopes to blow away StubHub by skipping the commission on all ticket sales through the site. [venture beat]

*Canada: A Barenaked Lady survived a plane crash yesterday.

*Local: tells Republican National Convention-goers what Minneapolis is like via UnConventionally Yours.

*Bloggers: Matthew McConaughey sort of blogs now. (look under “mm journal” – stupid flash interface). Holy shit; I think this dude is better than I am. [urlesque]

*Burning Man: Laughing Squid offers a round-up on ways to experience Burning Man without going, including a webcam, photostreams, twitterers, and blogs. Also, take some mushrooms and pour hot sand over your head.

*Hip-hop: The New Yorker on David Banner: “Banner, a rapper from a Southern state not generally part of the hip-hop mainstream, is possibly too complex a figure to capture the attention of an audience increasingly skeptical of hip-hop.”

*Sustainability: Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco embraces the green with carbon balancing, bike valets, compost bins, and more. [treehugger]

Video: Hot Lixx Hulahan wins the Air Guitar Championship


Video: “Flashback” orchestral version of Zeppelin’s “All of My Love”

Hm. Doesn’t really have the same flavor of the original. (“Flashback – The Classic Rock Experience” is an arena tour that plays orchestral version of Zeppelin, Floyd, the Doors and Hendrix.

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Video: Telephone piano!

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