Links for 10.1.08: Phish returns, Giada listens to Radiohead, Bay tweets

by Josh Kimball

*Jams: Phish is reuniting. I went to a party with a jam band ONCE in college. Once. The first song lasted 37 minutes before I walked out, never to return to jam bands again. EVERS.

*Oh boy: Who wants to read TV foodie Giada De Laurentiis’ playlist? (That is not a euphemism. Well, not exactly.) Radiohead? [opp]

*Propaganda: Shepard Fairey speaks out. I’d listen to this guy. Might even go so far as to obey.

*Ideas: Musinaut allows wannabe turntablists to DJ with their minds? WHAA?? (I’m thinking about some serious scratching right now. IS IT WORKING??) [psfk]

*Music sharing: SoundCloud lets artists upload large files, then distribute them to whomever they wish.

*Twitter: Michael Bay says “Took a meeting about Armageddon 2: Armageddoner. It’s a Go.” Also, Californication‘s Mia Cross. Also, Penn Jillette.

*Loser: What does it say about me that seeing the headline Crane vs. Brooklyn Bridge, I was expecting something totally different.