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Links for 10.6.08: Bizkit’s back, KISS has shoes, Coolio cooks…

*E pluribus unum: Limp Bizkit is reuniting. Take a lesson from Fred Durst and don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

*Twist and shout: There’s a contest to remix Sarah Palin: “Help Sarah Make Sense.” What nonsense!

*Products: Coolio has a cookbook coming out and KISS has some Vans rolling. When I was a kid, Coolio was a rapper, not a cook. And KISS was a bunch of old men, NOT a bunch of decrepit corpses. [licensing plate]

*Covers: Cat Power has 10-inch EP coming out upon which she covers The Pogues, Aretha, and CCR. Meow.

*Videogames: Buzzfeed rounds up songs form Mario Paint. For the nerds out there among us.

*Media: Tina Brown launches The Daily Beast. It’s no daily swarm, but it does incorporate a lot of red. Ms. Brown, if you need an editor, you know how to click on the ABOUT THE LISTENERD button. [listening post]

*Video: Harder Better Barack Obamer [urlesque]

*Streaking: Tennis shoes, a gas mask and a sombrero. Goodbye.

Video: Take On Me (literal version)