Links for 10.9.08: Chinese Democracy!, Obama O’s, Sleeveface book…

*HOLY MOLY: Guns ‘N Roses’ long-awaited album, Chinese Democracy, will drop by Thanksgiving exclusively at Best Buy stores. As previously noted multiple times on this repetitive blog, Dr. Pepper has promised a free can for everyone in the U.S. if the album drops by the end of the year. [universal music group! – How annoying is it that Stereogum keeps self-linking in this linked-to post? Answer: Outrageously and insultingly so!]

*Album covers: There’s a Sleeveface (which is the act of holding an album cover with a face on it over your own face as you pose for a photo) book coming out. Seriously, how long until we see a Boner Party book? This guy’s prediction? Not long. Also, two thumbs. Up.

*Belgium: Jacques Brel’s things are being auctioned off by Sotheby’s despite protests from his family. You should listen to some Jacques Brel. Ideally on a phonograph. While drunk. Off of red wine.

*Family: Is Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again, four months after giving birth? [parentdish]

*Politics: Which one? That one. Also: Rednecks for Obama.

*Cereal: Obama O’s and Cap’N McCains. [coudal]

*Independent film: Good Dick. It comes out tomorrow. Perverts. [fimoculous]

*Sounds: The instant rimshot (for humor) and the sad trombone (for sadness). Perverts!!!!!