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Links for 10.15.08: Obama pumpkins, dirt beards, MySpace Karaoke…

*Copyright: Lawrence Lessig takes on YouTube, the Gray Album, Girl Talk and copyright in the Wall Street Journal.

*Interactive fiction: “The Frotzophone is an interface for making music with interactive fiction.” I don’t know what it means, everyone, but I know it has the word music in it. [waxy]

*Facial hair: A depraved man with a dirt beard. I had a dirt beard once. For about 18 months.

*Halloween: Pumpkins for Obama. Squash are also tilting Democratic as of the last Zogby poll according to FiveThirtyEight.

*Karaoke: MySpace Karaoke puts drunken, off-key embarrassment in your living room. Again. With its online karaoke channel. [mashable]

*Politics: If you would like to see pictures of Colin Powell dancing, you are weird. And click here.

*Social media:, the Twitter for music, opens up its API. I tried using it for about 8 minutes. I failed.

*Gaming: The eyeballing game. For those who like to use their eyeballs for evil. Or at least for sloth. [tobs]

*Visuals: If you’re wondering what Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” single looks like, it is mostly pink.

*Food: Goat. Is it REALLY what’s for dinner? (The goat is my unofficial familiar.)

Video: The Final Countdown on kazoo and ukelele

Say what you will, but this guy can play the shit out of the kazoo.