Links for 11.8.08: Joseph Arthur’s height, man parts, the Naked Cowboy

by Josh Kimball

*Music: The New York Times hangs with Joseph Arthur. And the interesting thing is that he is 6′ 4″. Oh, and he has long hair.

*Video: Make an ocarina of your iPhone. BY BLOWING INTO IT! [vvc]

*Man parts: Read all about R&B’s references to male genitalia! Ding-a-ling!

*Legal: The Naked Cowboy has settled his suit with M&Ms. I’m glad that didn’t have to get ugly. Uglier.

*SMOKING: The guys on Mad Men are smoking fake cigarettes. I wonder what else on that show doesn’t hew to reality?! [spin city]

*Demographics: Racial polarization and the gaping urban-rural divide. Wait a second. How the fuck did that get in here?

*Local: Minneapolis poster people Aesthetic Apparatus are having a studio warming for their new place next Saturday. The details are here. (I have Shrinkin’ Lincoln in my living room. Not a euphemism.)